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Official Bootleg #2 - Feb. 2017


Official Bootleg #2 - Feb. 2017


The second installment of the 'Official Bootlegs' series, taken from shows on the February 2017 tour of the Mid-West of the USA.  Includes the brand new song 'First Words Of A Changing Man' from the upcoming EP '1932'. 


1. Never Gonna Be The Same

2. Overload

3. Gotta Leave

4. First Words Of A Changing Man

5. Garbage Man (Muddy Waters)

6. Three Miles From Avalon

Davy Knowles: Guitars/Vocals  -  Andrew Toombs: Keys  -  Marvin Little: Bass/Vocals   -   Michael Caskey: Drums/Vocals   -  Jeremy Cunningham: Drums on 'Garbage Man' .   

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