Davy Knowles

The official website for Blues/Rock/Roots musician, Davy Knowles. 

I was born and raised in-between the small towns of Port St Mary and Cregneash,  near the southern-most tip of the Isle Of Man,  which itself is the geographical centre of the British Isles.  I fell in love with music at a very young age,  and ever since then I have been chasing American sounds,  from the blues artists way down in the Mississippi delta,  to rock gods like Peter Frampton,  Joe Satriani, Sammy Hagar, The Grateful Dead,  and Warren Haynes (of Allman Brothers Fame) all of whom I would end up sharing the stage with.  Even the British artists I cite as influences were in turn largely influenced by the various folk musics of the USA.   

 My obsession with these noises from across the Atlantic has helped me forge a career in the industry, one that has fulfilled many of my childhood dreams, taken me all over the world,  and introduced me to many of my heroes.  At the end of 2007 I even moved to the States,  first to Los Angeles, California,  and then onward to where I currently reside,  in Chicago,  Illinois.  However,  the longer I live away from the land of my birth,  and the older I become,  the more I wish I had paid attention to the native music of the Island,  to the local musicians playing traditional songs. To my folk music.  

I feel now is the time to return and explore these unique and beautiful songs, their stories, and the fascinating history behind them.  

With the help of Isle of Man - based (and internationally renowned) Film company,  DAM Productions,  and in conjunction with Island of Culture 2014,  I want to capture not only the wonderful sounds, sights and rich culture of the Isle Of Man,  but also document my journey in discovering what was always at my feet growing up on the Island.  

I will be interviewing the Manx musicians who are keeping our music alive,  and who actively perform all over the world.  Those who learned it from the generation before them,  and those who are in turn passing it down to their children.  Along the way I shall be learning from them all,  gaining valuable knowledge of my own true musical roots.   Trying my hand at the traditional songs of my homeland on both mandolin and guitar,  as well as re-interpreting a few of my own songs using my new-found understanding of the music of the Isle Of Man.   


Alongside these incredible Manx musicians,  I shall be speaking to some of my heroes, (including Richard Thompson, Martin Simpson, and  Peter Frampton).  I will be discovering just how far this music has travelled,  talking to American roots musicians, and hearing how Celtic music has influenced them and helped shape American music. This voyage of discovery will take me all over the world,  from the Isle of Man to the United States,  England and France.  

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