Davy Knowles

The official website for Blues/Rock/Roots musician, Davy Knowles. 


Want to host a Davy Knowles concert in the comfort of your very own home? 


It's easy and fun to do,  and we love doing 'em! Here are a few FAQ's, and general pointers and guidelines on how to make your event a success. 


  • First off, before you reach out, check out our TOUR DATES.  Are we going to be in your area? Does it look like there's a day off between shows near you? We can totally work to fill that gap in the schedule!   Got a date in mind that falls outside of any tour dates?  That's cool too,  just send an email to management@davyknowles.com. 


  • These shows are solo acoustic performances only,  but depending on the size of the space you may need to source a very small and basic PA system to make sure everyone hears loud and clear! Davy only requires a few inputs on a PA system for these shows.  You can download a PDF copy of the Solo Acoustic Tech Specs HERE.  


  •  Standard set time is 90 minutes,  but more often than not it can stretch a little longer...  


  • If there are a couple of covers you really really want to hear,  we can accommodate you!  Within reason... no Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, or Nickelback!  There are no choreographed dance moves or pyrotechnics during this performance. Feel free to request as many songs from Davy's back-catalogue as you like ;)


  • Do you have a family member who plays? Friends who shred? Neighbor who travels the world as a professional Triangle-ist? Jamming is welcomed, encouraged and lots of fun!


  • Accommodations, local transportation,  and a hot meal are all VERY much appreciated.   Logistics can certainly be ironed out via email correspondence.


  • Consider charging your guests a 'ticket price' to help cover your expenses.  Folks are normally more than happy to 'chip in' a little for a fun night.  Especially if there is food and drink! 


Any more questions? Email management@davyknowles.com and ask away!