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5 Things I Have Learned From Touring With Rory Gallagher's Band

For the last two weeks I've been living out a childhood dream of mine.


I grew up on Rory Gallagher's music, so when I got the call to join original RG band members Gerry McAvoy and Ted McKenna on tour, I jumped at it.  

So. What have I learned from working with my hero's band?

  • You should always try and meet your heroes. They're probably just as awesome as you thought they'd be.
  • You need to be pushed constantly. Being in a band means egging each other on and drawing out the best performance from your colleagues.  I've never been pushed like I am being on this tour.  I swear my fingers were an inch longer before I started this. 
  • The most important thing is the show.  Not your guitar tone, not the drive, the soundcheck, the merchandise, or settling up at the end. Give it 110% or go home.  If you're still able to stand up when it's over, you're doing it wrong. 
  • Time limits and curfews are not important. Alright. sometimes they are... but remember the last point? Haven't finished what you wanted to say? Keep going until you've hammered it so far home that it's undeniable.  90 minute sets? Don't make me laugh...
  • Success is happiness with a job well done, and done with love.  The most important one in this list. These guys have seen and done more than I ever will.  The look of joy while they are playing is still the way I remember feeling when I started playing at 11 years old. They talk about their heroes with the same reverence I talk about them with. Our down time is spent mostly talking about music. Every moment on stage is carried out with true conviction, sincerity, and flat out old fashioned elbow grease and passion for the art.  It's truly a powerful thing to be a part of.  


Off Again!

Man this has been a busy few months! 

But after a short break at home in Chicago, it's time to load up the van again and head out on the road.  

We've got some very exciting gigs in the books,  Alexandria VA at the Birchmere with the marvelous Samantha Fish,  multiple shows with total guitar hero Johnny A,  and some return shows to familiar venues, with familiar faces.  It's lovely to become friends with folks you see coming out over and over again to our shows.  I feel very privileged. 

On top of all this,  the release campaign for the new record 'Three Miles From Avalon' is really gathering pace, we have a tremendous publicist,  Steve Karas, on board,  the album is now mastered for VINYL, and the test pressings sound like everything I wanted this album to sound like.  You can pre-order your copy HERE - and get two tracks immediately, and access to whole bunch of other things.  You should totally do it ;) 

So, head on over to our TOUR DATES,  and I hope to see you at a show soon! 




Back On The Road

This is only a short run,  a few nights around NY,  but god it feels great to be out and about. 

This is what it's all about.  Straight from the airport to a TV show,  in bed in the wee small hours. A belly full of laughs,  the bittersweet, strangely reassuring feeling of being transient.  A gig to look forward to tonight,  one day at a time,  any more than that is tough to deal with.   

No distractions (although maybe this is the distraction?),  just music, music, music. 

I like this.