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New Year Musings.

Well.  A new year is looming ahead of us.  2014 was a strange year for me,  filled with both good and bad.  

But maybe that's what a 'good' year is?  Enough 'good' to feel grateful,  and enough 'bad' to learn from. Granted, I didn't do everything I wanted to do,  but that just leaves more to accomplish going into 2015.  

At this time of year,  we start thinking about what we'd like to change about ourselves.  Normally 'exercise' is top of the list (partly out of guilt that comes with the enjoying of the season!) But I am always drawn back to Woody Guthrie's New Years Resolutions from 1942,  particularly numbers 18, 19, and 20 on his list; 

18. Stay Glad

19.  Keep Hoping Machine Running

20.  Dream Good. 

I am adopting these resolutions for 2015.  

Dream good everyone,  and all the best for the New Year. 

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