I'm sorry folks, it's been a little while since this page was updated last (christ... I have a new CD out since then!),  I'll do better - promise.

There has been an astounding amount going on, sometimes in a dizzying "I'm self-employed, how the hell do I keep up with this" way, sometimes in a "who needs a cuppa?" way, but nearly ALL in a "this is PROPER exciting" way. Make sense? I'm sure you've felt a similar way before.  Perhaps involving less tea though. 

First off - we had a wonderful foray back into the world of European touring last month,  with shows in the Netherlands and U.K - it's not going to be long before we're back in both those areas.  Amazing to see so many folks turn out for us.  Honoured, and overjoyed. It was a great tour.

Special hats off has to go to Euro-budget airline EasyJet, who not only let us onboard with valuable instruments (as well they should), but proceeded NOT to lose OR BREAK any others that we checked in to the hold. Astounding work on their part, truly.  

So, here I am, cup of tea at the kitchen table at home (home, for those of you who don't know,  is a strange place where you keep your collection of cats and records and visit them for a few days a month), plotting the next moves beyond shows in Switzerland, Spain, and a bunch dotted around the US.  

The moves are going to be EXCITING. As are these blog posts. Get ready for a mental ride, because I have some WORDS to show you on here.