I got married last weekend. Oct 7th.  It was a momentous day. 

It started off by absolutely pissing it down with rain. The kind that is so heavy everyone reassures you by saying things like;  "It can't keep it up like this for long", and "It's just a downpour, it'll clear up in a minute".  

It didn't. 

It didn't clear up until 15 minutes before our outdoor ceremony was due to commence.  I was busy pacing the floor in the tent where the reception was to be held, rehearsing my vows over and over. Our bartender (who was setting up for our guests and watching me and my nervous excitement) walked over and offered me a tic-tac. I thanked her. She offered me the whole pack. I declined. Said I didn't want to rattle the whole way down the aisle.  She laughed. I laughed. It calmed me down.  The rain stopped.  The ceremony began.

Amber has entirely ruined Otis Redding forever for me. She walked down the aisle to 'That's How Strong My Love Is' and as soon as I heard that music come on and saw her walking in my direction, I lost my shit. My best man, Lenny, realizing what was happening, even poked me in the back and told me to hold it together. I couldn't. She knows what she's done. She's proud of it too.    

It's true what they say. It was over too fast. The day and the evening shot out from under us like a magician pulling a tablecloth.  But it was beautiful. Indescribably beautiful. Made so, not just by our surroundings, but by the people who surrounded us.  

We're lucky, Amber and I. We've been lucky a long time.