Today I drove from my home in Chicago to Pittsburgh PA. It is a long drive.

Here is a list of things I learned in that time.

1. Ohio is bigger than you think.

2. The highway authorities put cones and speed restrictions all along i-80 for the sole reason of making you swear profusely - not for the understandable reason of road maintenance.  I saw not one example of an individual or group thereof maintaining any portion of road. 

3. Prince died.  Devastated. We lost another one. Another visionary, who left this world better than he found it. I have close friends who have worked with him. They couldn't say enough nice things about him.  My heart goes out to them, and to his family and friends. He was a genius in the true sense of the word, and he will be sorely missed.  I got to my hotel room, and switched to the first news channel on the TV.  All I heard was Nancy Grace and her irritating timbre speculating on how he died.  Maybe shut up, Nancy.  Maybe just be sad he's gone, but happy he lived.  Drop the sensationalism and have some humanity.  We lost a great man. 




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