Something really lovely just happened, something that makes me feel a little bit giddy about living in this day and age. 

I think we all need a bit of validation in what we do every now and then,  it may be a tiny bit self indulgent and egotistical, but it's a natural human reaction.  

I can't imagine my work is much different from any other job that an individual enjoys doing. Sometimes it does feel like you work in isolation a bit,  especially when I'm working from home. The goals are less tactile and immediate than being on the road, where its more along the lines of 'get there, do the best show you can'. It's easy to lose a little confidence and motivation when you're working from a desk with a guitar. 

But today I did my first Live Stream Facebook Video and it felt GREAT.  So many lovely people tuned in, and it was truly heartwarming and inspiring to chat for a while,  play a few licks and answer some lovely questions. 

Just wanted to say that it gave me a good boost, a little of that validation that (I think!) we all crave, and spurred me on to do better - knowing you're not shouting into a cave and hearing only your own voice coming back at you.  It's nice to know folks listen.  

What I'm trying to say is Thank You. You guys are the best, and let's do it again. If you're not a friend of ours on Facebook,  come and join us.  We're a friendly bunch.