Last Friday I had one of the best gigs of my life. 

It's a beautiful, yet slightly daunting feeling to release an album. This is the fourth full-length studio one I've been a part of.  There's a sense of vulnerability involved. There are pressures, both from those you work with and self-inflicted along with expectations that are slightly blurred and easily confused with blind ambition.  Ambition, I think, can both give you the drive and life-force to push forward and yet somehow, simultaneously cripple you with doubt.  

Photo by Kristine Walton

Photo by Kristine Walton

I'd heard of this venue before,  many artists I admire play here.  Without doubt 'SPACE' in Evanston, Illinois is one of the very best clubs i've set foot in.  It's a gorgeous and well thought out venue.  There was a bloody turntable and record collection in the dressing room for gods sake.  Sold.  The perfect place to do a record release party.  Warm, intimate, and vibey. 

We decided to film and record this show.  Sometime the 'red light' syndrome comes into play at these gigs. Get your mind out of the gutter.  'Recording light' may be a better term.  This time I was determined to ignore the camera crew and the Pro Tools rig. Aside from pleasantries, and vague detail-ironing, I kept away.  I wanted this to be about the band, and the audience.  

What an audience.  With us from the first note to the last. I remember walking through the crowd as we were cheered for an encore.  I remember looking down and smiling.  What a beautiful feeling.  

What a band, too.  How fortunate am I to play with such marvelous musicians, who every night, dig deep and pour themselves into a little tune I wrote? Marvin, Michael, Andrew.  I love you like brothers.   

Anyways. I think we captured something quite special that night.  

Here's our setlist.  The whole of the new album from start to finish, some acoustic tunes, then some old favourites. 

  1. Ain't Much Of Nothin' 
  2. What You're Made Of
  3. Falling Apart
  4. Never Gonna Be The Same
  5. Gov't Row
  6. Oxford MS
  7. Three Miles From Avalon
  8. What In The World
  9. First Words Of A Changing Man
  10. As The Crow Flies
  11. Stay
  12. Roll Away
  13. Riverbed
  14. Catch The Moon
  15. Come Home
  16. Gotta Leave
  17. In A Little While