It’s a new year,  it’s certainly the time most of us pull up our socks,  vow to lose weight, be more considerate,  spend less time on Facebook etc… 

Well, I think my Facebook/real life balance is pretty good,  I think being considerate is a year-round thing,  and I’d certainly like to lose a little weight,  but I think the enormous amount of work ahead of me is going to take care of that slightly-tighter-than-it-used-to-be wasitband.  

I do have resolutions though,  Stress is a big problem for me,  and I have noticed a patch of grey hair either side of my head start to grow.  So dealing with that is top of the list. A lot happened to me last year.  Things that changed my perspective a little. I’ve perhaps realised that if I can get through that, stressing about the little things is perhaps something I can deal with. Those grey hairs already growing can’t be reversed though. 

With the fog clearing a little,  with my mind finally starting to click and whir into action,  what am I looking forward to doing in 2016?  Well, our recent partnership with Intrepid Artists International is already a fruitful one,  with tours planned all over the US (and plans for beyond!) already in the books,  and more arriving each time I turn my email machine on.  I’m excited to get back on the road,  with the best band I’ve had,  and play to as many of you as I can.  NOTHING beats being on tour. It’s all i’ve ever wanted out of music,  the chance to play it every night.   We have a bunch of new music slated for release this year,  some REALLY bluesy stuff,  and some music influenced by my Island Bound film project.  I love all sorts of music,  so it’s fun to return to my roots,  and by that I mean both my initial musical and homeland ones! 

So,  take a peek at our tour dates,  come out and say Hi, let us know what you think of the new material.  In return,  I will work my socks off in 2016,  try and get to as many places as we can, play as best I can,  and hopefully by the end of this year I will be a better musician,  a wiser person,  and a happier one.  It’s certainly a good start I think.




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