As I walked into Dayton Airport after the show at Huber Heights, Ohio,  Jackson Browne's beautiful tribute to his road crew, 'The Load-Out',  was softly playing through the tinny speakers of the check-in area. A more appropriate song there never was.  It gave me a big grin,  knowing I was off home after a cracking week on the road with George Thorogood and Brian Setzer.

More correctly, I was off to move home... 

The apartment I have shared with my beautiful fiancée for the last 4 years had just gotten a little small (perhaps due to an increasing collection of musical paraphernalia, perhaps not),  and so instead of resting up ahead of the next batch of gigs with George and Brian,  I am now packing our lives up in boxes and moving them a mile down the road and into a much nicer, bigger place. We even have an outside deck,  upon which I fully intend on persueing the most serious and intense of American pastimes.  Grilling.  I believe the enthusiasm for it here is topped only by the Australians. 

I have had a short few days of this,  broken up by a fantastic quick pit stop of the tour up in Mikwaukee at the BEAUTIFUL Riverside Theatre.  But come Saturday I will be back out on the road again,  this time to Council Bluffs Iowa, then back to Chicago,  then to San Diego, then to Lincoln CA,  then back down to San Diego,  then back to Chicago,  then to take my Mother to see my Sister in Malta.  

The life of a musician. Beautiful, transient,  difficult at times,  but good god I wouldn't trade it for anything.