Hello from Sacramento airport

Last night was the last show with George and Brian, and before I go any further, I have to thank them and their tremendous crews for taking such good care of me. What a wonderful bunch of people.  

Yesterday I flew up from San Diego and picked up my rental car in Sacramento.  Meet Percy Mk II. 


Percy got a facelift, a paint job, and really grew up.  Proud.  

This also gave me the chance to fulfill a lifelong ambition,  drive a pickup truck in America.  Cue the Merle Haggard and off we went. 

With an afternoon to kill ahead of the show in nearby Lincoln, Percy Mk II and I headed out to explore Old Sacramento.  While well preserved,  I have to say it was really touristy and not really my thing. I was about ready to call it quits when I found the saving grace of Old Town.

Down the stairs and into the basement of what I can only imagine was a brothel back in the day, I found Brooks Novelty Antiques and Record Store.  While I didn't see many novelty antiques, the record selection was astounding,  and the gentleman behind the till was helpful and very friendly.  I left smiling,  with these under my arms,  and with a recommendation for lunch that was bang on the money:


On to the show... 


Beautiful big venue in Lincoln, CA - with only one major drawback.  The expansive team of Physicists and Meteorologists who accompany me on every tour determined that it was in fact hotter than the surface of the sun, and that it was the wrong day to wear black jeans - no matter how slimming they may be. My acoustic guitar preamp agreed and immediately overheated, the monitors soon followed suit,  and I received third degree burns from my metal-bodied National guitar. After covering the equipment in foil blankets like the marathon runners they are, and with the expertise of Gary at front of house, Pete on monitors, and Brian's guitar tech, Tyler,  the show ended up a good un. 

So what next? Well,  today I take a Short Flight to Long Beach, where I am looking forward to playing a house concert tonight.  Then I fly home to Chicago for five days before meeting my Mum and Sister in Malta (where my sister lives) for some much needed time together.  We will be raising a big glass of wine to Dad,  and with it being Father's Day tomorrow,  I feel much wine may be needed. 



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