Hello there,

After a fun start to the tour with George Thorogood and Brian Setzer at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank NJ,  I travelled up to see some friends of mine up in the Finger Lakes of New York State,  ahead of the next show in Canandaigua.  

I've been a bit spoiled. After navigating my way out of the state of New Jersey,  I parked the car at my destination and was immediately greeted by the wonderful Rose and Jason with copious amounts of wine,  (Jason owns the beautiful Hector Wine Company ) a barbecue, impromptu jams, and enormous amounts of laughter.  I've spent the last two days either on Lake Seneca with a drink in my hand,  in the garden with a drink in my hand, in the pub with a drink in my hand, or asleep (perhaps with a drink in my hand,  I don't remember).  

It has felt marvelous to be with good company on these couple of days off,  in one of the most beautiful places I have been (if you haven't been to upstate NY,  you are missing out!).  For me this is the spirit of traveling, of being a musician.   Meeting great folks, in a beautiful place,  never far from a guitar or a little inspiration. 



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