I am writing this from my hotel in Red Bank, NJ.  Tonight is the first show of this short run with George Thorogood and The Destroyers,  with Brian Setzer at the Count Basie Theatre. Last time I was at that venue I was opening up for Styx and REO Speedwagon with Back Door Slam.  We weren't old enough to drink yet. 

 I am doing these shows completely solo,  no tour manager, sound engineers, or band.  Just me, a rented Nissan Versa, two guitars and a suitcase.  I thought I would keep a little diary on here (this will also be posted to my blog on the main [a href="http://www.davyknowles.com"]website[/a]) to pass the time I have by myself.   

Yesterday I flew into Laguardia Airport, New York, got in my rental car and drove past Manhattan towards New Jersey just as the sun was setting,  sending a beautiful stream of red and orange through the concrete canyons.  It was a beautiful moment.  There's a romanticism to traveling alone,  an independence and a freedom that I really do love. The feeling of being in-between, not belonging to any one particular place for any length of time.  It's a nomadic experience,  and while I crave it often, it certainly makes me appreciate the time I have at home in my own little corner of the world.  

This also gives me the chance to play more acoustic guitar.  It's something I have been enjoying increasingly of late.  There's nothing wrong with bashing out some loud, aggressive, distorted electric,  but why can't you do that - AND some of the more subtle acoustic side of things?  One of the things I admire most about Rory Gallagher, was that he was always sure to include at least a couple of acoustic songs on his albums,  and in his live performances.  That's something i'd like to work on too.   I admire Richard Thompson because of his incredible ability to straddle both acoustic and electric, sound undoubtedly like no-one else on both, and treat them as entirely different instruments.  It's something to aim for,  and you've got to aim high, eh? 

So I am going into this tour with enthusiasm and high expectations of myself.   And a grateful heart.  Definitely a grateful heart. 

See you out there,


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