I'm waiting in Chicago airport to board my flight for the East Coast .  I have 3 bags checked in, two with me,  and a whole bunch of things in my head. I'd only been in Chicago for a day. 

Before that I had been back on the Isle of Man with my Mum, Sister, and Fiancée after my Father passed away. I'm not going to talk about that though. He wouldn't want to be splashed about the Internet too much. He complained every time someone invited him to play some insignificant game on Facebook. I will say that I miss him,  and it hurts. 

But ahead of me now I have a load of shows, with an amazing band, and the support of some incredible friends. Music is joyous, therapeutic, and vital. Now is the time to lean on it, to use it, and to move forward with a piece of the puzzle missing - but still a view of the picture. This tour is crucial for me,  keeping busy, a chance to express and release,  and a big reason to smile.  

Hope to see you out there