I am now completely addicted to www.dustandgrooves.com. Great blog/website on record collecting, and a great resource to dig for new music. 

I was reading an interview with Sheila Burgel on there, and came across this beaut of a quote that I thought I'd share with you; 

"The internet is spoiling us, turning us into children who have all the toys in the world but not enough time or patience to appreciate those toys. I think the internet and mp3s have devalued music. Vinyl, on the other hand, demands value because it takes up more of our time. It makes us engage with it and take care of it if we want it to last. You can view vinyl as a way of life; it’s an acknowledgement that taking time and effort to do something yields far more gratifying and enriching results than what comes easy."

My sentiments exactly,  despite having read, and now sharing, on the same internet that she speaks of.