From DAM Productions! Here's a clip from Island Bound with me playing with the brilliant Manx Musician, Greg Joughin. 

We filmed and recorded so much material and so many wonderful interviews with Davy Knowles for his documentary Island Bound, that we couldn't possibly fit it all in to one programme! So, rather than see it sit on the cutting room floor, we thought we'd share a few choice moments with you. CLIP ONE comes from an interview Davy did with the lovely and very knowledgeable Manx musician and historian, Greg Joughin of 'The Mollag Band'. Throughout the course of their interview, Greg paused to play Davy several Manx songs - and even got Davy to join in on a few! This is one of them, a Manx love song. Greg's delivery of the song is heartfelt and very touching, beautiful stuff. 

"Island Bound" will be released as documentary on DVD in early February 2015. Follow @davyknowles (Twitter) and @damisleofman (twitter) for updates.


Here's the video!