It's a good job I love to travel.  

I think I caught the bug from my father,  he is a retired deep-sea commercial diver,  and traveled all over for his job.  From the tip of Scotland,  all the way through the middle-east.  I've seen the pictures.  They kinda remind me of what I do.  I also kinda look like him...  It's uncanny actually. 

I think I may also be one of those very few that actually likes being in an airport.   I like being 'in-between' places.  It gives you time to think about what lies ahead,  or where you just came from.  I will say, however,  that airports tend to bring out the very WORST in normally ordinary, sensible, people.   Why are you stopping right in the middle of the airport when there are literally HUNDREDS of people walking directly behind you? Spacial awareness, I think it's called.   Pet peeve... 

I never did understand people who don't like travel.  My questions of "why?!" are usually met with predictable answers like the narrow-minded "because I have all I need here" or even the dreaded "I don't have the time".  Travel isn't about replacing your home, don't feel threatened.  I'm sure your home is lovely.  It's about garnering a new perspective of it,  perhaps a new appreciation of it.  It's about understanding the world we live in, the world YOU live in. Your world cannot start and end at your hometown's city limits.  

As far as 'not having the time'.  You're only here once,  and travel can be the most rewarding thing some of us will ever do.   Not to mention the confidence boost.  It's a lovely feeling being completely out of your depth,  in an unfamiliar place,  knowing you are going to be just fine.   Look at college kids,  or gap-year kids. They save up for a few months,  and they have their round-the-world ticket in their hands.  And experiences to last a lifetime.  

We live in a beautiful oasis (and a 'Fragile Oasis',  as Astronaut Ron Garan perfectly puts it),  where no country is 'better' than another,  no nationality above any other.  No culture richer than the next.  I feel an obligation to find out about as many of them as I can,  to become as balanced an individual as I can be,  to experience as much as I can,   and to learn from as many people and places as I can. 

I believe travel is the only way to truly learn. 




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