Love this photo of 'Ellie', my main guitar, taken by genius photographer, Phil Kneen

Ellie is a prototype to the 'violin guitars' (#2) that Paul Smith had built in 2007. It's got some cool quirks, no truss rod (but a really dark, solid Brazilian rosewood neck), a different neck shape (hand-carved by Paul) , and experimental 'bowling ball' lacquer, among other, more subtle, things. It quickly became Paul's main guitar that he'd bring to trade shows, clinics, and gigs with his band. 

When Paul sat in with us at a show in Virginia a few years back he brought this guitar with him, and I fell in love with it. I played it for our entire first set, and when Paul came up to jam in the second set, he addressed the audience and told them it was 'now Davy's guitar'. I told him later that night that I couldn't possibly take his personal guitar. He smiled and said, "I can build another one, you can't" . 

Ellie is the one guitar I come back to, can't put down, and has never let me down. I can't describe what it feels like as a musician to own that one instrument that is undoubtedly 'yours'. 

Ellie is absolutely mine.