Davy Knowles

The official website for Blues/Rock/Roots musician, Davy Knowles. 

Welcome to the new Official Bootlegs page! 

These recordings capture Davy and his band at their most raw and energetic. Recorded live on the road, with a new compilation released each month. 

Official Bootleg #2 - Feb. 2017

The second installment of the 'Official Bootlegs' series, taken from shows on the February 2017 tour of the Mid-West of the USA.  Includes the brand new song 'First Words Of A Changing Man' from the upcoming EP '1932'. 


1. Never Gonna Be The Same

2. Overload

3. Gotta Leave

4. First Words Of A Changing Man

5. Garbage Man (Muddy Waters)

6. Three Miles From Avalon

Davy Knowles: Guitars/Vocals  -  Andrew Toombs: Keys  -  Marvin Little: Bass/Vocals   -   Michael Caskey: Drums/Vocals   -  Jeremy Cunningham: Drums on 'Garbage Man' .   

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Official Bootleg #1 - Jan. 2017

Rough, raw and ready - these recordings capture Davy and the Band in their element.

Recorded during a USA east-coast run.  This is the very first of our new 'Official Bootleg' series recordings.  


1. What You're Made Of

2. Riverbed

3. Falling Apart

4. Coming Up For Air

5. Come Home

6. Dear Mr. Fantasy

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